School Guidelines and Reminders for Students

For S.Y. 2019-2020

Posted on May 23, 2019

All Students of Pampanga High School must strictly observe and follow the following school policies:


*** COME ON TIME! ***

Both GATE 1 and GATE 3 will be used as ENTRANCE POINTS for Students and Teachers.

GATE 1 (Front Gate) and GATE 3 (Back Gate):
Entrance 5:45 am for Grade 7 and Grade 10 students
11:00am for Grade 8 and Grade 9 students

Grade 7 and Grade 10

Grade 8 and Grade 9

GATE 2 (Side Gate/Beside Pagcor Bldg.) will be the EXIT POINTS for all students

  • JHS Students are given a 30-minute grace period after the last period for school works.
  • SHS students who are interested to enter the school premises during their free day must secure a letter/permit from authorized personnel (Adviser/Subject Teacher/School Administrators)
  • Delivery Vehicle can use Vehicles’ Gate beside Gate 2 and Vehicles gate at Gate 3 at specified time only
    (Morning 6:00am to 8:00am / Afternoon 4:00 pm – 6:00pm)

School Bus/School Service are NO LONGER ALLOWED to enter the school campus. Drop off point for students will be IN FRONT of any gates.


B.1 All students MUST WEAR their IDs every school day or whenever they enter the school. Only the official ID lace of the school is allowed to be used by students. Tampering of IDs or sticking anything on it is strictly not allowed. Likewise, lending of ID or exchanging of ID is prohibited. Students without IDs are required to write their names on the log book of the security guard. In case of lost ID, students must report it to their adviser.

B.2 School Monogram/Logo MUST BE sewn. Detachable monogram/logo is not allowed.

B.3 All students are encouraged as much as possible to wear the prescribed school uniform from Monday to Friday. 

For Junior High School:

Boys’ uniform is plain white polo shirt (No color combination) with school monogram/logo, black pants and black shoes with white socks and ID. Girls’ uniform is plain white blouse with monogram/logo, yellow pleated skirt (2-3 inches below the knee) and black shoes with white socks and ID. 

For Senior High School:

Boys’ uniform is plain white polo shirt (No color combination) with school monogram/logo, black pants and black shoes with white socks and ID. Girls’ uniform is plain white blouse with monogram/logo and yellow neck tie, yellow pleated skirt (2-3 inches below the knee) and black shoes with white socks and ID. 

B.4 PE Uniforms are available at the PHS Cooperative Store. PE T-Shirt with logo (color of logo depends upon the grade level) and jogging pants (JHS – Black / SHS Gray). However, the wearing of PE UNIFORMS is OPTIONAL/VOLUNTARY (Old PE uniforms or any plain white shirt and black jogging pants will be accepted).

Grade 7 Tuesday Grade 8 Wednesday Grade 9 Thursday Grade 10Friday Grade 11as per schedule Grade 12as per schedule
  • Wearing of Batch Shirt/Club Shirt is NOT ALLOWED inside the school campus.

    B.5 The following attire/grooming are strictly PROHIBITED inside the school:

    For Boys:

    • Wearing of tight fitting, slim fit, baston pants/slacks and short, slim fit polo
    • Wearing of earrings, hats, caps, bandanas, accessories
    • Sporting long hair, highlighted hair, hair tattoo
    • Wearing colored under-shirt
    • Wearing of make-up
    • Having multiple colored nail polish and colored contact lenses

    For Girls:

    • Wearing mini-skirts, shorts, slim fit blouse
    • Wearing caps, hats, bandanas (except for MUSLIM students), accessories, big earrings or dangling and multiple earrings
    • Wearing make-up (eyes, lips. cheeks)
    • Having multiple colored nail polish and colored contact lenses
    • Having hair color or highlighted hair


    C.1 Students are advised to bring their own packed lunch/snacks and can eat at the student center or inside their classrooms. They can also buy nutritious and affordable food from the school canteens. The following are the student centers:

    1. Main Canteen – side of main canteen, in front of Sampaguita building
    2. New PHS-MPC Canteen
    3. DG Court Student Center

    C.2 Overstaying in school canteens is strictly prohibited

    C.3 Students are NOT ALLOWED to eat inside the library.


    D.1 Loitering along High School Boulevard, stores, internet cafes and inside the school is prohibited during class hours. Students caught loitering must be reported to the Guidance Office. 

    D.2 The following are STRICTLY PROHIBITED:

    1. SMOKING (DepEd Order #73 s. 2010)
    2. Possession, use and sale of illegal drugs (RA 9165)
    3. Bomb Threat (PD 1727 – Anti-Bomb Joke Law: imprisonment of not more than 5 years or a fine of P40K or both)
    4. Extortion / Stealing
    5. Public Display of Affection/or any immoral acts
    6. Vandalism and Destruction of School Property
    7. Involvement in Fraternities/Sororities
    8. Carrying/Bringing Deadly weapons.
    9. Possession of pornographic materials
    10. Bullying / Cyber bullying
    11. Dishonesty in any form
    12. Disrespect to teachers and school authorities
    13. Habitual Absences/Tardiness/Cutting Class
    All of the above offenses are subject to disciplinary interventions.


    E.1 All are required to properly segregate their trash in proper trash cans / garbage sacks / sorters. All teachers must require students to pick up trash/plastic cups etc. within their area before and after class everyday. Security Guards are also authorized to advise students to pick trash near them and put same in trash cans.

    E.2 Pampanga High School is an eco-friendly school. All students, teaching and non-teaching staff are required to practice waste segregation in their respective classrooms or offices.

    E.3 All students are required to take care of our plants. Stepping on plant boxes and landscaped areas is strictly prohibited.

    E.4. Our school has these functional comfort rooms: (Please use them properly)

    CR for Boys – near the Calixto Library

    CR for Boys/Girls – Euphorbia Building – 1 CR

    CR for Boys/Girls – near the Jasmin & Sampaguita Building / Dong Gonzales Court – 1 CR

    CR for Boys/Girls – near the Yellow Bell Building

    CR for Boys/Girls - PAGCOR Bldg., Orchid Bldg., Santan Bldg., Ilang-ilang Bldg., Gerbera Bldg.

    1. No student shall be allowed to leave the school campus unless it is dismissal time. Students who wish to go home due to illness must be fetched by parents only after the assessment and issuance of permit by the School Nurse. 
    2. Do not bring valuables such as jewelries, gadgets and big amount of money in school so as not to tempt others to steal.
    3. Announcements are posted in designated areas only. Permission from the Administrative Officer is required before posting.
    4. Students are allowed to be officers/members of two (2) clubs/organizations only.
    5. Charging of cellular phones and other gadgets by the students is not allowed. Use of cellular phones during class hours is STRICTLY prohibited except for academic purposes. Please refer to our school policy on cell phones.
    6. The use of water dispensers is NOT ALLOWED.
    7. Students using bikes/motorbikes should follow the One-Way Traffic Scheme of the school.
    8. Students should inform their parents about their section, name of adviser and class schedule.
    9. Students should encourage their parents to attend Cards Out Day and Parents’ Meetings/Parenting Seminars.
    10. Parents are encouraged to observe proper dress code when going to school.

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